El Instituto Tecnológico de Chiná, en Campeche, México, fue la sede de la conferencia, donde participaron estudiantes y académicos, con el fin de ampliar sus conocimientos y aportar al desarrollo de la ganadería sustentable El proyecto BioPaSOS desarrolló un taller en el que se fortalecieron las sinergias interinstitucionales In that Mexican state, a workshop was held to foster collaboration among various participants in the topic. The meeting brought together international experts in the South American capital. The proposals elaborated will be delivered to the decision-makers of the COP25, which will take place this year in that country. CATIE developed a course in Petén, Guatemala to show experience in community forestry developed for more than 20 years in this department This report urgently calls for global climate action Within the framework of the BioPaSOS project, a research agenda workshop for the development of sustainable livestock was held, in which the academy and research centers of Chiapas, Mexico, participated.

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