The workshop was attended by technicians, academics and students in order to broaden their knowledge of biodiversity monitoring techniques and thus contribute to the development of sustainable livestock. The Caribbean Biodiversity Fund approved a project that seeks to reduce climate risks and prevent the degradation of mangroves in the province of Monte Cristi. En el taller participaron técnicos, académicos y estudiantes con el fin de ampliar sus conocimientos sobre técnicas para el monitoreo de la biodiversidad y así aportar al desarrollo de la ganadería sustentable Recibieron capacitación en la que aprendieron a realizar monitoreos de diferentes especies, principalmente de plantas y aves They received training in which they learned how to monitor different species, mainly plants and birds. They Exchange experiences to determine lessons learned that can be used as input for formulating their national agro-forestry policy. Good livestock practices and establishment of silvo-pastoral systems were part of the strategies shown. The Korean Government Initiative and CATIE will develop research to improve the productivity of both crops in the region. Haiti's Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR) showed great interest in strengthening issues such as coffee, cocoa, climate-smart agriculture, sustainable livestock and rehabilitation of degraded areas. It was attended by 21 professionals who have the possibility of leading and orienting significant restoration processes at scale and with a focus on landscapes.

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