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International researchers discuss new strategies to improve pasture management on livestock farms

  • Through improved management of pastures, better economic and environmental results can be achieved on the livestock farms of Latin America and the Caribbean

Humid tropical forests and dry ones show opposite routes of regeneration

  • As ecologists from Latin America, the United States, Australia and Europe indicate in a recent study published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

BioPaSOS Project and TNC presented to the Congress of Chiapas the sustainable practices they promote in the state.

  • The meeting allowed members to learn about the work being done to improve the economy, conserve biodiversity and other ecosystem services of forests.

Professionals from northern U.S. universities strengthen leadership skills at CATIE

  • They represent careers such as agronomy, administration, health, education, among others

Orton Memorial Library receives important historical collection

  • The mobilized collection amounts to approximately 17 000 documents, 90% of which are already in digital format