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Study confirms that all the diversity of Arabica coffee available today is derived from a single ancestral plant

  • This results in less genetic diversity of the world's major coffee species

In Costa Rica Protected Areas Reduce the Incidence of Hydrological Disasters

  • This is the main result of a research that can be useful for policy makers in the country, the most relevant information is shown in a four minutes video produced by EfD-CA

The state of Chiapas will establish a technical advisory board to promote sustainable cattle ranching

  • This is a proposal put forward by academics and researchers from the Mexican state together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (SAGyP) and the BioPaSOS project

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies Identified in Chiapas' Livestock Sector

  • The strategies identified by specialists in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, and the BioPaSOS project will be part of the state's Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Jalisco makes progress in reducing emissions from the livestock sector

  • Under the leadership of SEMADET, this state implements the Emissions Reduction Initiative (IRE, its Spanish acronym), promoted by the government of Mexico, which promotes sustainable livestock