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Course on public policies and food security strategies ends successfully in Guatemala

  • Participants strengthened their capacity to make decisions aimed at reducing malnutrition in the country.

Plan to improve the environmental quality of the Grande de Tárcoles river basin in Costa Rica becomes a reality

  • CATIE and the company Sistemas Geoespaciales S.A. prepared a plan with 15 programs, 54 projects and an investment of more than 53 million dollars.

Youth and women learn to use digital platform to monitor biodiversity in livestock landscapes

  • The objective is to promote citizen science in biodiversity monitoring in the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas and Jalisco

Chiapas cheese producing families begin to pack cheese in a high vacuum

  • In order to have more options for the commercialization of their dairy products, the producer families of Quesería Los Ángeles and Escuela de Campo Los Ángeles, part of the BioPaSOS project, will begin to pack their cheeses in high vacuum presentation.

CATIE and CIRAD presented results on the ecological and timber potential of secondary forests.

  • The results are based on research on the characterization of biomass accumulation potential in secondary forests in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and the contribution of timber species to this potential.