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CATIE researchers shared experience on using economic tools to promote sustainable consumption

  • They participated in different international conferences

CATIE at the vanguard of virtual education

  • 50 students are part of the 2019-2020 promotion of virtual masteries

CATIE is now part of Costa Rica's Environmental Civic Parliament

  • The institution will be represented by Dr. Miguel Cifuentes Jara, recognized researcher of the Program on Forests, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

From Central America to the world: Protecting the future of coffee

  • A study led by CropTrust and funded by FELCO will help ensure the long-term conservation and availability of CATIE’s coffee collection, the only international coffee collection in the world.

Launch in Guatemala of the Decade of United Nations Family Farming Units

  • The aim is to reaffirm the need to place the farmer and his family at the centre of policies and programs.