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New opportunities and partnerships are addressed at forest monitoring workshop

  • The workshop provides a space to identify and prioritize opportunities in forest monitoring and climate change in Latin American countries.

Central American organizations will manage regional information system and climate tools

  • The tools of the Climate Information System -Centro Clima-, generated by USAID's Regional Climate Change Program, will now be administered by organizations in the region to ensure their continuity and development.

Actors from the Chiapas cattle ranch participated in the political advocacy workshop of  BioPaSOS project.

  • The workshop made it possible to define the aspects on which it is wanted to influence politically to promote agro-silvopastoral practices.

UN report says urgent actions are needed to confront chemical pollution

  • The size of the global chemical industry exceeded $5 trillion in 2017 and it’s expected to double by 2030.

HSWT and CATIE establish relationship to work together

  • The universities signed a cooperation agreement to join forces in education and research.