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The basis for the production of the coffee of the future is protected in Costa Rica

  • This is CATIE's International Coffee Collection, located in Costa Rica, which has the support of companies in the coffee industry to be preserved and used to improve world coffee growing.

Research on payment for environmental services is strengthened

  • A new cooperation agreement between CATIE and NIFoS will be coordinated by Roger Madrigal, director of EfD Central America, and will strengthen the research alliance initiated in 2011 between the two institutions.

CATIE continues to promote the sustainable management of forests in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Two CATIE researchers were appointed as representatives in the LACFC to the member countries of that commission.

Republic of Korea and CATIE continue cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Their work has helped to promote inclusive green development in the region.

Coffee sector stakeholders now have a manual to design and manage plantations of F1 coffee hybrids

  • The manual will make it easier for technical personnel and producers to manage coffee plantations with F1 hybrids; materials with high productivity, excellent cup quality and more resilient to diseases and extreme climate changes.