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The Ecological Blue Flag Program recognizes the work of CATIE’s Cabiria Farm and Botanical Garden

  • Both departments were awarded once again with this distinction in the category of climate change and mitigation

On June 23rd, Cabiria Farm and the Botanical Garden of CATIE (The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) were recognized with the Ecological Blue Flag Award in the category of Actions to Face Climate Change. This is the sixth time the Center has obtained this distinction.  The prize-giving ceremony was held at the facilities of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE in its Spanish acronym) in San José.

José Coto, in charge of the Botanical Garden expressed that the effort and dedication of the team were the key to obtain four stars in this occasion and for the next years is expected to reach the five stars which is the maximum category in this program.

He also said that this award is very important for the area of ​​work, since the actions taken to achieve this award increase the efficiency in the operative and productive activities and allow a more efficient use of their resources.

Coto explained that some of the actions developed to qualify for the distinction were the reduction of use of fuels, water and electricity, improvement in solid waste management, emission offset with more than 1800 trees planted and supporting schools of the area in terms of recycling, conservation and tree donations.

The Blue Flag Ecology Program began in late 1995 and the Climate Change category was created in 2008 with the aim of encouraging organizations to develop socio-environmental sustainability criteria, minimizing the risk caused by the effects of climate change through an integral environmental management, that generate a multiplier effect on different sectors of the country and allow them to be competitive. Some of the actions promoted are reducing the use of water, electricity, fossil fuels and paper and promoting reforestation.

Since 2010, CATIE has an Ecological Blue Flag Committee in order to carry out actions for the sustainability of the institution and raise awareness on the responsibility to take care of the environment and lead to a sustainable change in their behaviors.


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