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Panama prepares for NAMA of cattle registration

  • CATIE supports this initiative by providing technical assistance to livestock guilds, government institutions and civil society

August 7th, 2017. With the support of government institutions, academia and NGOs, livestock producers are advancing in the discussion of the technical file for the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) of cattle for Panama.

The National Association of Cattle Raisers of Panama (ANAGAN it its Spanish acronym) has been working with CATIE (The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) since 2014 in order to contribute to the development of Panama's livestock sector through the promotion of sustainable livestock farming adapted to climate and low in emissions, including in this work, the preparation for the NAMA.

According to Elvin Britton, CATIE's representative in Panama, CATIE's support has included several technical coordination activities such as meetings, discussions, workshops, and more recently the Forum on Silvopastoral Technologies and Good Livestock Practices to help improve productivity of cattle, as well as the mitigation and adaptation of climate change with the participation of 21 representatives of state institutions, associations and non-governmental organizations.

"All these activities have allowed us to know the current state of cattle in Panama, for example, public policies, advances and technological innovations, limitations and opportunities and to exchange what is a NAMA, benefits and steps for its implementation," said Britton.

Claudia Sepúlveda, researcher of the Agriculture, Livestock and Agroforestry Program of CATIE, points out that the NAMA design process will help the cattle sector in the definition and prioritization of silvopastoral technologies and good livestock practices and the government to give technical recommendations to improve meat and milk productivity and reducing the impacts of climate change, based on consensus with different key actors in the sector.

In this process, other relevant actors from the country have join, including the Panama Canal Authority, the Agricultural Development Bank, the University of Panama and national NGOs such as NATURA Foundation and the National Association for the Conservation of Nature (known in Spanish as ANCON); for whom this initiative will represent a support to the achievement of the objectives set and to the consolidation of the continuity actions of its programs and projects in coordination with the cattle producers and the State.

On August 3rd, a working day was held to review the technical aspects and prioritize territories as part of the technical file to be completed and delivered to the Ministry of Environment. The occasion provided an opportunity to share the experiences of Honduras and Costa Rica in the construction of their cattle NAMA, as well as the establishment of new commitments to continue this process.


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