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CATIE exchange experiences to encourage local growth in Guatemala

  • The capacities of local actors of the Acatenango and Fuego Volcanic Complex in Guatemala were strengthened in tourism management, and protected areas management

CATIE (The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) as a leading institution in management issues for the conservation and sustainable management of ecosystem goods and services at the regional level, organized and facilitated an exchange of experiences in the management and conservation of protected areas and management of sustainable tourism in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Petén and the semi-arid region of the Motagua Valley, in Zacapa, Guatemala.

This activity allowed the participation of municipal authorities, civil society leaders, entrepreneurs and community leaders related to tourism, management of municipal protected areas in the Acatenango-Fuego Volcanic Complex, located in the Central Volcanic Chain of Guatemala.

According to Julio López, representative of CATIE in Guatemala, the objective of this activity was to know opportunities and identify how the main challenges have been faced and surpassed by local communities and conservation organizations, municipalities, guides and managers of protected areas in the implementation of strategies for conservation and sustainable management oriented to social organization, tourism management, income management, as well as national parks management, regional municipal parks and forest concessions in Petén and Zacapa.

"From this exchange the participants have inputs to promote the establishment of propositional relationships with municipalities, local organizations, private owners and public institutions by building a long-term vision, objectives and strategic actions in the Acatenango and Fuego Volcanic Complex, directed towards the constitution of a territorial platform integrated by institutions, municipalities, communities and local associations that support the processes of strengthening the Municipal Regional Park Acatenango Volcano and the establishment of the Regional Municipal Park Astillero Joya Grande of San Pedro, Yepocapa in the territory "Said Estuardo Girón, coordinator of the CATIE-FCA-AF Project.

The activity took place at the end of July in the framework of the project "Territorial management for the conservation and sustainable management of the Acatenango-Fuego volcanic complex", implemented by CATIE and financed by the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund (FCA-Guatemala), under the supervision of the Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment in Guatemala (FCG).

This project is implemented together with the Municipality of Acatenango, the Municipality of San Pedro Yepocapa and the Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC), with the support of the National Council of Protected Areas (known in Spanish as CONAP) and the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT in its Spanish acronym).



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