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CATIE and AGCATIE honor the memory of their deceased graduates during 2017

  • The Forest for Life was established in the surroundings of the Graduate School as a posthumous tribute to them

December 7, 2017. To honor the memory and the legacy of its graduates who passed away during this year, CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) and the Association of Graduates of CATIE and IICA (AGCATIE) established this December 7, in the surroundings of its Graduate School, a commemorative tree plantation that will mark the beginning of the Forest for Life.

The plantation is dedicated to the graduates Juan Manuel Campo Kurmen, of the Masters Degree in Management and Conservation of Tropical Forests and Biodiversity; Ditter Horacio Mosquera Andrade, of the Masters in Tropical Agroforestry; Marco Antonio Maldonado, of the Master's Degree in Annual Crops; Miguel Bravo Santillán, from the Master's Degree in Animal Production; Jorge Patricio Malagamba Stiglich, of the Masters Degree in Soils and Crops; and Marcelo Jorge Pérez from the Masters Degree in Resources for Development.

Isabel Gutiérrez, Dean of the Graduate School of CATIE, said that the plantation, as well as a posthumous tribute, is an opportunity to celebrate life and commitment of those who have passed through the Center's classrooms, fulfilling their dream of education and to make this a better world.

At the planting, students, officials and graduates of the institution participated, as well as Muhammad Ibrahim, CATIE’s Director General, and the Dean of the Graduate School; who thanked those present for being part of the initiative and for helping to remember and keep alive the illusion of those who have left.

"Our Graduate School has grown and has been strengthened with the spirit of those who have passed through the campus, so keeping their memory alive is a must" said Gutiérrez.

For her part, Mireya Kurmen, mother of the graduate Juan Manuel, thanked the initiative and sent an emotional message to CATIE’s community, arising from the experience of losing her son. "I understood with profound clarity that life is now. Do not postpone hugs, encounters, or demonstrations of love. Express your projects and dreams with openness and enthusiasm; walk eagerly after them, with the energy and joy of youth. Share the knowledge, publish your discoveries, so that humanity nurtures and advances. Be in tune with the life that recognizes in its diversity the greatest wealth and assigns each person a unique and unrepeatable mission, expand their potential, live with the intensity of someone who lives each day as it were the last" said Kurmen.


More about the Forest for Life

The Forest for Life plantation is made up of approximately 40 trees of species such as lorito, roble sabana, cortes amarillo, jacaranda and fruit trees such as yellow caimito, Brazilian grape, níspero and tucuico. In addition, to honor the six deceased graduates, six trees of Orgullo de la India, which has an outstanding flowering were planted.

According to Luis Diego Jiménez, forestry engineer at CATIE, at an environmental level, the Forest for Life will serve as food for birds, to promote biological corridors and to capture carbon.

Finally, Felicia Granados, in charge of Social Responsibility at CATIE, explained that the plantation will also add to the reorganization, the embellishment of the campus and the creation of welcoming spaces for residents and visitors.




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