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Staff of the Ministry of Environment from Panama strengthens its knowledge of watershed restoration

  • With CATIE’s support, a training program was initiated to restore the country's priority watersheds

A group of technicians and professionals from the Ministry of Environment (MIAMBIENTE) of Panama, participated from November 20 to 24, 2017 in the Capacity Building course for Restoration Actions in Priority Watersheds of the Program for the Restoration of Priority Hydrographic Watersheds (PROCUENCAS) of that country.

The training was carried out to update the restoration techniques, share concepts and experiences of the watershed approach, elements for selection of seedbeds, nurseries and plantations, as well as agroforestry systems and farm planning. Counting for it, with a team of highly experienced CATIE specialists.

The 46 participants of this workshop, organized by CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) and the Social Development Program (PRODESO), work in the Chiriqui, Chiriquí Viejo, Santa María, Grande and La Villa river watersheds, the five priority watersheds of the PROCUENCAS program.

In the event, Elvin Britton, representative of CATIE in Panama, said that this course is the first of a training program that the Center and PRODESO are designing and executing to support the work of the MIAMBIENTE, thus allowing to contribute to the conceptual development, theoretical and practical for the restoration of the five priority watersheds.

For her part, Ana Cristina Nicosia, PROCUENCAS coordinator said: "I was recently in the field and I was able to observe the hard and committed work of the PROCUENCAS officials and other Ministry leaders. I thank CATIE for sharing their experience, we are sure that with your support we will be able to fulfill our goals to support the restoration of watersheds in our country¨.

In addition, the leader of PROCUENCAS added that this program supports the leadership of MIAMBIENTE and provides opportunities for collaboration with other partners in the framework of the national initiative Alliance for the Million Hectares.

In this regard, both Britton and Nicosia indicated that other reinforcement actions related to issues of forest extension, pest management and forest diseases, monitoring of farm plans still need to be developed and that the design of training for promoters and strategic partners is currently being carried out in order to reach the goal of restoring 15,000 ha by 2019.

CATIE and PRODESO work together to strengthen the technical capabilities of MIAMBIENTE with technical training, reorganization of the Center for Sustainable Environmental Development (CEDESAM), design and implementation of a monitoring system for PROCUENCAS activities on restoration and reforestation.


 Personnel of MIAMBIENTE Panama during one of the field tours of the training


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