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CATIE joins the HeforShe campaign

  • The initiative seeks for men to become agents of change to eliminate social and cultural barriers that stop the development of women

December 12, 2017. On November 30, CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) joined the HeforShe campaign, which was launched by the United Nations (UN) in Costa Rica to promote that society in general, but especially men and children, become agents of change and get rid of all forms of violence, inequalities, as well as the social and cultural barriers that restrain women development.

"It is a commitment to equality between men and women and the empowerment of women, based on human rights and the principle of equality and non-discrimination", explained Felicia Ramírez, academic coordinator of CATIE’s Masters in Development Practice and Biodiversity Conservation Practice, who represented CATIE’s Director General at the event.

During the launch of the campaign, political leaders, ambassadors, national artists, academics and community members participated, who also assumed the commitment.

According to Ramírez, who is also a gender specialist, this event shows progress towards greater recognition and commitment of the citizenship around the issues of women and girls empowerment, in the advance towards more inclusive and sustainable societies.

As part of the commitments accepted by CATIE’s Director General, after joining the campaign, they include:

  • Promote a culture of non-discrimination and equality between men and women, both in the personal and public sphere
  • Promote the use of inclusive language, both in the professional field and in the personal environment
  • Commit to the actions of these campaigns aimed at ending violence against women from a gender perspective and in accordance with the principle of equality and non-discrimination
  • Carry out actions that increase the participation of women in the scope of work in equal opportunities
  • Reporting discrimination and violence against women in different spaces on a constant basis

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