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¨Protected areas management is vital to stop deforestation in Trifinio¨

  • This is one of the conclusions of Peter Schlesinger, recently graduated from the joint doctorate of CATIE and the University of Idaho

Peter Schlesinger, student from United States, recently completed a three-year research that allowed him to obtain on December 8, his PhD in Tropical Forests and Biodiversity from CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) and the University of Idaho.

Schlesinger conducted a research on land cover and use in Trifinio and how land tenure mechanisms work in that region. The researcher found that the region has diverse governance structures that must be reorganized to fight the causes of deforestation such as intensive agriculture in coffee, cocoa and banana, the construction of routes and density of population.

In the Trifinio region, as in other territories, protected areas help to protect the forests, however, deforestation does not stop and reforestation actions are practically null. According to Schlesinger it is necessary to establish mechanisms for coordination and the creation of programs focused on protected areas management with the aim of conserving forests and initiating effective reforestation processes.

Schlesinger chose CATIE and the University of Idaho to carry out his doctorate for the historical interest of these institutions in science and development and considers that this combination has been very fulfilling for his professional life.

This joint doctoral program offers a Doctor degree in Philosophy (Ph.D.) in disciplines offered through the College of Natural Resources (CNR) of the University of Idaho, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) and of CATIE’s Graduate School. The students take courses and receive support from both institutions and carry out their field research in Latin America.


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