Leadership and the United States National Program extension strengthen its alliance with CATIE


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Leadership and the United States National Program extension strengthen its alliance with CATIE

  • Seven groups of  professors and extension officers  have visited the Institution as part of their visit to Costa Rica

Since 2012 the Leadership National Development and Extension Program (NELD, its acronym in Spanish) of the United States visits CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) as their annual trip to Costa Rica.

The objectives of this trip are learn, apply and think about a new effective leadership, strengthen competence in decision making, develop leadership capacity and improve the effectivity of extension programming at a local level, state, national of professors and extension officers of twelve states in the north central region of The United States, which were chosen by the university administrators to participate in the program.

CATIE is one the organizations that Americans visit in the country, facilitator of the program, Tobias Spanier, commented that in their seven trips they have found new activities at CATIE, besides, a similar view to the program, which has made participants feel satisfied with the learning process and experiences that the Institution has shared with them.

Other activities that NELD do in Costa Rica are rafting, visits to markets, visit Guayabo National Monument, visits to small farmers, and some organizations like agricultural cantonal centers and Nutrition and Educational centers which seek to enrich their local leaders experience.

Spanier added that for 2019 the program seeks to expand the activities with CATIE to identify new leaderships at internal organization that work as inspiration to participants, like it is the case of the new Post graduate School Dean, Isabel Gutiérrez.

The NELD program was established in 1991 and was focused on cooperative extension leader building, providing vision, courage, and tool to leader a changing world. Strategic mission issues of cooperative agricultural extension, environment, human health and wellbeing, as well as communities on behalf of education and investigation.

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