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Agriculture Ministries of Central America and The Dominican Republic recognize CATIE´s leadership in applying Investigation and Higher Education

  • This, after knowing the main achievements of the institution within the framework of the Central American Agricultural Council meeting (CAC)

April 12, 2018. On April 10th, The Dominican Republic hosted the Central American Agricultural Council meeting (CAC), in which Muhammad Ibrahim, general director of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), presented the main achievements of the institution through its 45 years of existence to the Ministries of Agriculture, as well as the solutions that the Institute promotes to overcome the multiple challenges that Latin America and the Caribbean face.

Ibrahim also detailed that he stated the investigation lines of CATIE and how these align with the sustainable development objectives.

After the presentation, the Agriculture Ministries recognized the leadership CATIE has had to higher education as well as applied investigation for sustainable development of agriculture and natural resources conservation.  

In addition, they requested the General Director of CATIE to strengthen the job it has been doing regarding agroforest and sustainable livestock issues, as well as how to emphasize on family farming and hydric resources management; which are critical issues to achieve security and food nutrition.

The CAC meeting was led by Ángel Estévez, Ministry of Agriculture of the Dominican Republic, who sustains the presidency Pro Tempore of The System for Central American Integration (SICA)


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