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CATIE participates in the first session of the National Food and Nutrition Security Council of Guatemala

  • This council is the system’s governing body, who makes decisions in programs and policies that implement food security of the country

April 13, 2018. The first ordinary National Food and Nutrition Security Council  meeting (CONASAN) of Guatemala was held on April 3rd, in which CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) was present as a leader of the National Information Platform Project on Nutrition,  in order to  obtain  high standard feedback regarding food security in the country. 

 “To participate in this meeting allow us to have inputs to improve updated information and  reliable analysis in chronic malnutrition issues to promote policies and programs that might contribute to reduction in this problematic; all this within the framework  PiNN project, “stated Eduardo Say, PiNN-CATIE project

The CONASAN meeting was led by Jafeth Cabrera, Vice-President of the Republic, and Juan Carlos Carías, secretary of SESAN. During this meeting the advances in elaboration of protocols of joint state intervention and the integrated unique information system were presented.

Besides, they got to know the guidelines for  the Annual Operating  Plan on Food Nutrition Security for 2019 (PONASAN, its acronym in Spanish), the advances in the physical and financial execution of POASAN 2018, as well as the approval of the Seasonal Hunger Plan 2018 and advances in regulation to the school feeding law.

The operational structure of PiNN in Guatemala is framed in the performance of the National System of Nutrition and Food security, in which CONASAN plays a determinant role, it reunites the decision makers with whom PiNN   must interact, with the objective of promoting the decision making to reduce chronic malnutrition.

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PiNN/CATIE Project
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