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According to experts National Forest Inventories harmonization is fundamental

  • Mesoamerican and Amazonian Countries gathered together to discuss the topic event organized by CATIE

May 11, 2018.  On May 8 took place the II experts meeting about harmonization of National Forest Inventories (NFI) in Mesoamerica and the Amazonian at CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) headquarters, having as one of its objectives to contribute in the planning process of NFI in each country and at a regional level.

Joberto  Velos de Freitas,  director of Brazilian Forest Service (SFB, its Spanish acronym), expressed that the meeting sought  to create job opportunities in the network and for collaboration among the countries. “It represents an exchange of experiences opportunity for the participant countries in the National Forest Inventory field,” added Veloso.

 “Over the last 20 years, Latin America has reached significant improvements in the implementation and development of NFI,  actually it counts on 16 countries that are in continuous and established  processes at the forest institutions,” shared Carla Ramírez, from the Food and Agriculture Organization  of the United Nations (FAO).

The meeting counted on the participation of specialists from Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Spain and the United States, in order to monitor the Meeting on experiences interchange about NFI of Latin America and the Caribbean countries, first step with the Amazonian countries, celebrated in July 2017, in Manaos, Brazil.

The Amazonian and Mesoamerican regions are extremely important for the biodiversity that its forests host, besides, because of the role they play to mitigate and help countries adapt to climate change,” said Mario Chacón, researcher of CATIE and coordinator of the event.

Chacón also expressed that to count on harmonized and strengthened NFI is a key for good making decision.

During this meeting, which ended up on May 10th, the participants met experiences like the ones that took place in Europe and North America, dialogued and analyzed issues such as the establishment of objectives, variables and steps to follow under the specific contexts of each of the regions represented, which will contribute in the definition of the route to achieve harmonization during the next months and the development of a working network in the NFI subject.

 “The working network development in NFI of the region is very appropriate, as a means of strengthening South-South cooperation and every of the processes at a national level,” said Ramírez.

The meeting took place in joint coordination among CATIE, through the project Mechanisms and transfer networks technology related to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean, coordinated with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the FAO, through de program ONU REDD, the Brazilian Forest Service and the Regional Program REDD-CCAD/GIZ.


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