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Latin American Countries reaffirm their commitment of supporting reforestation and counteracting natural disasters

  • Region representatives gathered together at the Latin American  Boon Challenge 2018 that took place in Guatemala

Representatives of 19 Latin American countries gathered together on May 8th and 9th in Guatemala to challenge de Bonn to check advances and opportunities in the implementation of proposals related to environment and the national project portfolio.

Jean Pierre Morales, Secondary Forest Project leader of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research an Higher Education Center), participated at the  high level panel of the event together with country representatives and from the Ministry of Federal Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Security from Germany.

In this issue, CATIE as technical partner of the initiative zoxzo emphasized the potentialities of advance in the inventories attraction for the restoration and the processes that are moving toward in the degraded primary and secondary forests theme.

Bonn Challenge in a joint initiative of the German government and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that encourages actions developed to restore in 2020, 150 million acres of degraded and deforested forests and 350 million acres for 2030. This initiative aims to implement nation’s priorities to boost ground productivity, conserve biodiversity and combating desertification, facilitating the execution of international commitments about climate change and against degraded lands and biodiversity.

The meeting participants emphasized on the necessity of involving local populations, dependents of the land’s good health, the involvement of the private sector and the need of pushing the necessary changes to advance faster and promote  productive restoration at a landscapes level.

At the environmental  event participated the  ministries of environment, the vice-ministries and the special delegates of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Cuba, as well as JoChen Flasbarth,  State secretary of the Federal Ministry of Environment of Germany.

The Latin American Bonn Challenge concluded with a field trip in which the restoration of the forest landscapes of the Maya Biosphere Reserve projects were presented, one of the last environmental lungs of America located at the department of Petén.


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