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Experts on water resource management share their experiences in a tri-national forum

  • CATIE is the meeting point of this forum, which is expected to be the first step to create a scientific platform that strengthen water management in Latin America and the Caribbean

August 8, 2018. About 76 people, experts of different sectors and interested parts in the hydric and environmental issue in Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama gather together since August 8, in a Tri-National Forum on Integral Management of the Water Resource, which is organized by CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), in order to share progress, scope, challenges, policies and innovative practices in the hydric management.

 “This forum was presented with the idea of giving a space to the actors of the water resource management in Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama, so that way we could strength and encourage the work we do. For this reason, the forum considers magister speeches, round tables, seminars, presentations of research jobs and workshops” highlighted Laura Benegas, coordinator of the forum and leader of the Watersheds and Water Security Unit of CATIE.

As part of the program, the forum considers issues such as:  context of the water resource management in watersheds of Latin America and the Caribbean; watersheds environmental development plans and aquifer; integrated management experiences of the water resource; water and rurality; basic tools for watersheds management, basic tools of hydro informatics for hydrologic data analysis, circular economy of water and experiences on analysis of water footprint.

During the forum’s inauguration, Muhammad Ibrahim, general director of CATIE, said that water is a natural resource that experiences an increasing demand in multiple uses and more associated vulnerability, among other factors, to variability and climate change.

 “Central America is a region that faces serious problems of accessibility and water deficit due to climatic conditions and different social aspects. Besides, we have seen the existence of national initiatives for the adequate management and water management seem not to be enough. For this reason it is necessary to create a technical -scientific gear, which allows an intervention analysis at a regional level through a scientific platform conformed by different professionals of different countries that develop research and lead the implementation of regional projects, this project could be the first step towards that sense” said Ibrahim

For her part, at the beginning of the forum Benegas said that water is a key resource to achieve compliance of all the Sustainable Development Goals, mainly number six, which is related to water and sanitation for all and also number 15 about terrestrial ecosystems’ life.

The Tri-National Forum the Integral Management of Water Resource in Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama counts on 27  speakers and panelists, all of them recognized  experts and researchers of the water resource management of different organizations in the academic field, governmental and private. This forum will extend until August 10.



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