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CATIE is now part of the national repository of public universities of Costa Rica

  • It is about the Kimuk Repository and the management that was channeled through the Commemorative Orton Library

September 12, 2018.  After a process, that was release by the commemorative Orton Library, within the National Repository of Costa Rica Kimuk, which is composed by institutional repositories of the public universities of the country, the collection on thesis and magazine articles of the repository of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) were accepted.

Matilde Gómez, coordinator of the Commemorative Orton Library commented that to be part of this repository would substantially increase visibility and accessibility, not only of the publications, but also of the authors and CATIE itself.

To concrete the incorporation to the Repository Kimuk, Muhammad Ibrahim, general director of CATIE,  signed an agreement last August 27, in which the service conditions and terms under which will operate are specified.

“From the month of September on, through Kimuk, the 2820 and 1399 magazine articles that are part of the repository of CATIE could be accessible more easily. This in a digital way, on line, and also be collected through the Federated network of Institutional Repositories of scientific publications, and this a the same time by the Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe,” manifested Gómez

The repository Kimuk, was created in 2016 by the National Council of Rectors,

 (CONARE), because there was a concern of the public universities to increase visibility and use of national productions and other collections guarded by institutions and Costa Rican enterprises. From that moment on, it was consolidated as an online tool to ask for documents of all the participant repositories, as well as a space for negotiation of standards.

According to data from March 2018, Kimuk houses 8 repositories, 25, 453 documents, 16,212 articles, 5045 postgraduate thesis, 915 reports, and 1.740 master thesis.

The Commemorative Orton Library manages the repository of CATIE, which at the same time administrates the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture IICA and CATIE and specializes on agriculture issues, forestry science, natural resources, livestock and master´s programs


Muhammad Ibrahim, general director of CATIE, signing the
incorporation agreement to the Kimuk Repository


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