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CATIE professors were trained through the STEM-CR Program

  • This is a program led by SINAES to strengthen the profile and teaching skills of university professors.

October 5, 2018. After seven months of training, five professors from the faculty of the Postgraduate School of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center including Dean Isabel Gutiérrez, successfully completed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Program (STEM), led in Costa Rica by the National Accreditation System of Higher Education (SINAES, its Spanish acronym).

More than 150 professors from all of the country's universities accredited by SINAES participated in this process in order to strengthen their profile and their teaching and learning skills.

In this sense, Felicia Ramírez, Adriana Escobedo, Felicia Granados, Ángela Díaz and Gutiérrez, participants from CATIE, learned about innovative methodologies for active learning such as the Inverted Classroom and Design-Based Thinking.

The program was executed by international experts working in prestigious higher education institutions such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Chile, among others.

During the closing forum, held on September 27, Granados presented her experience, showing how she as a professor put into practice what she learned and demonstrated how the evaluations of her course improved notably with respect to previous years.

"It was an extremely enriching process and we are grateful to SINAES for having taken us into account because this allows us to continue improving the quality of our education more and more," commented Gutiérrez.

The STEM Costa Rica Program was inaugurated in October 2017 by SINAES, with the support of Laspau, an affiliate of Harvard University.



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