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CATIE initiated approaches with key institutions in Paraguay

The Director General of the Centre visited ITAIPU Binacional, the Fundación Solidaridad and UNDP.

October 25, 2018. Beginning his official visit to Paraguay, Muhammad Ibrahim, director general of CATIE ( Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center, met on October 24 with members of three important institutions in the country: Entidad Binacional Itaipu lado paraguayo, Fundación Solidaridad and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

At these meetings, Alfredo Molinas, CATIE liaison in Paraguay accompanied the Director General, and discussed issues and opportunities for mutual cooperation.

The first meeting took place at the headquarters of the Entidad Binacional Itaipú with Alejandrino Diaz, director of the Paraguay Biodiversity project by the Entidad Binacional Itaipú, and Gustavo Ovelar, general coordinator and superintendent of Environment of the entity. During this meeting, they debated and agreed on the signing of a framework agreement so that, on this mutual agreement, actions and cooperation activities can be established, planned and developed in areas of common interest.  For example, the restoration of degraded areas, the analysis of climate data to determine how climate change will affect ecological functions, as well as the connectivity of the landscape for the conservation of biodiversity.

Molinas pointed out that the Entidad Binacional Itaipú lado pararaguayo, is the first hydroelectric plant to join UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves, for its environmental conservation actions.

The second meeting took place at the headquarters of the Fundación Solidaridad with the authorities and members of the foundation, including Gustavo Ruiz, executive director, and two other technicians who lead sustainable management projects in certain regions of Paraguay.

Fundación Solidaridad perceived the scope’s approach that CATIE pretends to develop in the country and the region, and agreed to sign a framework agreement as the basis for a strategic partnership to formulate and execute projects that work with the private and public sectors in the development of production systems and agro-chains in the Chaco region. 

Finally, the third meeting was held at the headquarters of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with project coordinators executing the GEF fund, including Veronique Gerard, Oscar Ferreiro, Cesar Medel and Jorge Martinez. As a result of the meeting, it was agreed that CATIE would provide support to analyze trends in land use change and deforestation in the Chaco due to cattle ranching and the expansion of soybean production in degraded lands, in order to determine the productive capacity of that region. In addition, CATIE, through its technicians, will provide training on NAMA and sustainable cattle ranching.

After this visit, the aim is to identify issues and initiatives in which CATIE can work together with these institutions and thus support Paraguay in its environmental, agricultural and social challenges.

From 2010 to 2016, CATIE invested USD 165,000 in Paraguay, one of its member countries, in order to promote sustainable rural development.





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