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CATIE and Momostenango Municipality Sign Agreement to Promote Food and Nutritional Security

  • This event marks the start of inter-institutional intervention to strengthen the municipality's capacities in the area of food security and nutrition.

November 7, 2018. On November 6, Julio López, representative of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) in Guatemala, and Boris Quiñonez, mayor of Momostenango, signed a technical cooperation agreement with the objective of defining and concretizing the coordination between both institutions, within the framework of the implementation of the National Nutrition Information Platform Project (PiNN). 

During the signing of the agreement, municipal authorities and mayors from the community of Tierra Colorada participated.  As well as officials from the Secretariat of Food Security (SESAN, its Spanish acronym) based in Momostenango, officials from the Women's Office and from the Children, Adolescents and Youth Office of that municipality

Formation of human capital at formal and non-formal levels and will promote technological innovation and its transfer in related areas. Special emphasis will be given to technical cooperation between governmental and non-governmental, public and private, national and international institutions.

The Municipality of Momostenango, as a pilot municipality, will provide a physical space for the operation of a workstation for the analysis of multi- sectoral information at a municipal scale; in addition, it will designate technicians for the implementation and joint monitoring of the platform.   

Also, within this local initiative, the inclusion of designated technicians in the meetings of the Municipal Commission on Food and Nutritional Security (COMUSAN, its Spanish acronym) will be promoted.

Julián Chanchavac, representative of the community mayors, welcomed the authorities and officials of the government and CATIE.

López said he hopes that the impact of CATIE's intervention, through PiNN, in the municipality of Momostenango will benefit communities, populations, and the different groups that work with and for the municipality, through better interventions based on strategic information. On behalf of CATIE, López thanked the authorities for their trust in order to work together.

At the same time Quiñonez thanked the European Union, SESAN and CATIE for their support in identifying cases of chronic malnutrition children so that social programs are effective and targeted to those who really need them, which will be a big step for the municipality.

Also, Mr. Aparicio Chanchavac, second vocal, and Mr. Daniel Vicente, seventh vocal, said that this aid is important for the municipality since it will benefit the population directly.

For his part, Esaú Guerra, of SESAN, commented that this technical cooperation will improve the information system and strengthen the knowledge of officials through training in information management and evaluation of public policies, with emphasis on monitoring and evaluation. 

Guerra considers that this experience will benefit the rest of Guatemala because it will be promoted at a national scale; he also indicated that they are proud that Momostenango and Totonicapán continue receiving support from international cooperants such as the European Union and institutions such as CATIE.

The PiNN Project is executed by CATIE, in coordination with SESAN and with the financial support of the European Union, in Guatemala.


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