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CATIE will research and commercialize new coffee genetic materials 

  • Institution signs agreements with private companies, GAIA Artisan Coffee and Orígenes

November 23, 2018. On November 23, two agreements were signed between the companies, GAIA Artisan Coffee and Orígenes in the facilities of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), with the aim of researching and commercializing new genetic materials of coffee from CATIE's exclusive collections. 

In the first signing, a current agreement was extended between GAIA and CATIE for the purpose of selling coffee plants from CATIE's Biotechnology Laboratory and Forest Seed Bank. In this, it was established the increase of the laboratory's mother material that will be delivered to the company GAIA Artisan Coffee, going from 21, 000 to 30, 000 plants per year for the next five years.

"The DNA of the agreement is to give a sustainable approach to the issue of coffee farming, since the model that is proposed not only benefits one party, is a win-win model, which benefit the companies participating in the agreement, CATIE, the producer and the consumer," said Fernando Altmann, general manager of the  GAIA Artisan Coffee Company.

The second agreement signed between the company Orígenes, GAIA Artisan Coffee and CATIE, aims to investigate new genetic materials from a collection that has the characteristics and potential to be marketed for its cup quality.

"The important thing about this agreement is that CATIE has a lot of potential, it has rough diamonds, we as a group are going to investigate how many carats those diamonds weigh, we are going to polish them and once they are polished we are going to take them to the coffee producers" commented Edgar Silva, partner of the company Orígenes.

William Solano, CATIE's researcher in plant genetic resources, mentioned that it has been new coffee genetic materials that have won in recent years the competition for exceptional coffees called the Cup of Excellence. Solano considers that CATIE has in the collection genetic materials with potential to participate and win this prize that is currently one of the most prestigious for high quality coffees in the region.

Ricardo Azofeifa, partner of the company Orígenes mentioned that thanks to this agreement the possibility for coffee producers to discover new genetic materials that can produce to take to consumers in a novel way can be provided.


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