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CATIE trained Nicaraguan technicians in sustainable cattle ranching

  • Technicians and delegates from MAG learned about bovine breeding

February 12 2019. CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), in alliance with the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) of Nicaragua, held four workshops on sustainable livestock management from  January 18 to  the 25, with the purpose of identifying actors and attributes of the main products offered by cattle farming in the value chains in which it participates at  local and international levels, characterizing production systems for cattle production, as well as sharing basic principles of nutrition and feeding of cattle. 

These workshops covered topics such as the livestock production system in Nicaragua, zootechnical management for livestock production systems, nutrition principles and strategies, and cattle feeding.

During the training workshops, the technicians acquired practical knowledge with the fieldwork methodology, putting into practice what they learned with a sustainable management approach, including agroforestry and silvopastoral systems. This was done in order to use technical and intelligent tools in the visits to producers and in the Field Schools they carry out.

The workshops were held in the areas of Siuna, Rosita, Bilwi, Mulukuku and Paiwas, with a total of 114 participants, who stated that the knowledge acquired is of great value for the technical work carried out in the delegations, since it will allow them to provide best practices for the management of sustainable livestock.


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Ivania Monge
Technical coordinator in training
CATIE National Office in Nicaragua.
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Frania Escorcia
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