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CATIE Botanical Garden Opens Costa Rica's First Rescued Bromeliads Garden

  • Plants constitute an exclusive family of the American Tropic (Neo-tropic) that is distributed from the South of the United States to Argentina and CATIE has rescued 35 species of the almost 200 known to Costa Rica.

March 7 2019. On February 27, the inauguration of the first bromeliad garden in Costa Rica, rescued mostly from the campus and CATIE cultivation areas, was held at the Botanical Garden facilities of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), within the framework of the Third Encounter of Botanical Gardens and Related Entities of Costa Rica.

This event brings together different botanical gardens of Costa Rica and other related entities with the aim of exchanging information to improve their functions and make more efficient use of their resources, consolidate organizations and the formulation of future projects and initiatives.

According to José Coto, in charge of CATIE's Botanical Garden, this bromeliad garden occupies a space of 350 square meters and exhibits 35 species native to the campus and some 20 species from the surroundings of Turrialba, cultivated for more than ten years in the botanical garden. "It is an open space, integrated into the environment, with local materials and the support of community volunteers," he said.

Coto explained that in this family have been reported about 3400 species of 58 genera of which are reported for Costa Rica almost 200 species (5.8% of the world total) belonging to 18 genera (31.0% of the total genera). Costa Rica is home to 32 endemic species that represent 16.2% of the national total.

Coto also indicated that because of their easy cultivation, many species of bromeliads are used for ornamental purposes. "Some species are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). In this sense, it is important for us to collaborate with the conservation of these beautiful plants, preventing their illegal extraction from their natural environment," he said.


About CATIE's Botanical Garden

CATIE's Botanical Garden is a space that preserves more than 4000 samples representing a great diversity of plants from Asia, Africa, Oceania and tropical America.

In addition, with the incorporation of the garden of rescued bromeliads, visitors will be able to take guided tours to observe a large number of wild bromeliads and thus support the conservation of these plants.

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