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April 4, 2019.  Now you can be part of the construction of the biodiversity inventory present on the campus of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) through BIOCATIE; a new platform created by the Ecosystem Modeling Unit (EMU) of the institution.

"BIOCATIE was created with the objective that through citizen science processes all those who visit or reside on the CATIE campus help us to collect data with information on existing biodiversity," commented Lenin Corrales, leader of the EMU

To register with BIOCATIE you just need to install the INaturalist application on your phone (obtained in Google Play or App Store), take a picture of what you see and upload it to this application.

Once the photograph is on the platform, it will be identified by specialists in the different taxonomic groups, thus the information is automatically stored in a geographic database from which different analyses of scientific or educational interest can be carried out.

Corrales explained that CATIE's campus is indirectly a space for the conservation of the region's biodiversity of both national and international importance for its

in-situ germplasm collections. In addition, every year it is visited by tourists and students from all over the world, so getting to know the biodiversity within it will give better guidelines for the education of visitors and residents, as well as to conserve biodiversity in the long term.

BIOCATIE is part of GeoCATIE, a knowledge management system, created by the EMU, which is based on geographic information. Currently, this system has four other public sites on the Internet:    



We invite you to make your first registration at BIOCATIE. It's very simple!









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