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ENCA and CATIE sign technical and scientific agreement

  • This relationship will strengthen education and research processes as a basis for promoting joint actions.

May 2, 2019.  Last April 26, in order to establish the basis for collaboration and promotion of research and teaching in agriculture and management of renewable natural resources, CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) and the National Central School of Agriculture (ENCA, its Spanish acronym) of Guatemala, signed a framework agreement for inter-institutional cooperation.

The agreement was signed by Julio López, CATIE's representative in Guatemala, and Vinicio Arreaga, ENCA's director general, with the participation of members of ENCA's faculty and researchers, who shared their appreciations regarding the possibilities generated by this agreement.

"Within the framework of this agreement, CATIE's interest in forming a strategic alliance with ENCA is emphasized. ENCA is a teaching institution with academic excellence, with which it will be possible to develop and initiate the implementation of work and cooperation actions based on the potentials and strengths of both organizations, in research, training and development of programs or projects related to the management of natural resources with emphasis on forestry, agro forestry and livestock," said López.

For Arreaga, this alliance opens up an important opportunity to promote and strengthen research and teaching activities, with the objective of helping to improve national capacities and face the current challenges of natural resource conservation.

Among the collaboration spaces identified, the possibility of developing joint teaching processes on strategic issues and aligning these to issues of interest at the national level stands out, so that the results of these processes generate products that respond to the needs of strategic sectors of the country.

Finally, López highlighted the possibility that this relationship facilitates the generation of financial resource management processes for the development of projects, which will create spaces for participation for ENCA students, as well as for professors and researchers.


Julio López, CATIE representative in Guatemala, and Vinicio Arreaga,

director general of ENCA, signing the agreement.


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Julio López Payés

CATIE in Guatemala
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