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Guatemala celebrates its XI National Forestry Congress

  • CATIE participates in this event in which the theme of forests is analyzed from the perspective of climate change, livelihoods and innovation.

May 8, 2019.Muhammad Ibrahim, director general of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education), and the center’s  researchers from the Forests, Biodiversity and Climate Change Program, are participating in the XI National Forestry Congress of Guatemala, which will take place May 7 to the 9 in the municipality of Santa Cruz Verapaz, department of Alta Verapaz.

The purpose of this activity is to promote forest culture among the Guatemalan population in order to understand the importance of forests in the country's economic activity, as well as the incalculable value of the environmental goods and services that these ecosystems provide.

As part of the opening of the congress, Ibrahim was in charge of a keynote address entitled: Forests are essential for sustainable human development on our changing planet. He emphasized the Development Goals related to forests, forests and food provision, the decade of ecosystem restoration, as well as trends in forests and their role in the development of countries.

Bryan Finegan, leader of CATIE's Forest, Biodiversity and Climate Change  Program (PBBC, its Spanish acronym), gave another keynote address on the vital contribution of ecological sciences to the sustainability of forests.

In addition, throughout the first day of the congress, Jean Pierre Morales, Róger Villalobos and Mario Chacón, researchers from CATIE's PBBC, participated as speakers, sharing with the audience knowledge on topics such as the challenges and opportunities for active restoration of bankable countries, the critical elements for landscape restoration from the Model Forest experience, and the state of forest monitoring in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This year's congress focuses on forests, climate change, livelihoods and innovation. However, it also analyzes the current challenges, advances and opportunities of the forestry sector in Guatemala and will seek consensus on actions to achieve sustainable development.

Julio López, CATIE representative in Guatemala, said that this analysis will contribute with no doubt to the national forest policy, to the National Agenda for Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change and to the resilience of the Guatemalan population's livelihoods.

The organizing committee of the congress explained that these activities have contributed to strengthen knowledge, development perspectives and have generated proposals for innovation in the forestry sector.

 The opening ceremony of the congress was presided over by Felipe Orellana, Vice Minister of Agriculture; Rony Granados, Manager of the National Institute of Forests (INAB, its Spanish acronym); Carlos Archila, President of the XI National Forestry Congress; and Omar Samayoa, representative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


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