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Villa Corzo Town Hall, in Chiapas, will work on sustainable livestock and watersheds

  • A rapprochement with the BioPaSOS project was managed in order to strengthen the capacities of technicians in priority issues for the city council.

June 14, 2019. In order to work at the municipal level and influence the territory of the municipality of Villa Corzo, the project Biodiversity and  Sustainable Agrosilvopastoral  Landscapes, known as BioPaSOS, through José Antonio Jiménez, local coordinator of the project in Chiapas, Mexico, and staff of the Honorable Municipality of Villa Corzo, held a meeting on June 13, in which they agreed to work together to strengthen the capacities of technicians of the municipality in sustainable livestock and watershed management issues.

The meeting was attended by Sergio A. Rincón, director of Agricultural Development, Raúl Martínez, president of the Basin Committee, and Ricardo Quiroga, technical advisor; all of them from the Villa Corzo Town Hall.

The members of the council mentioned that it is important to have the collaboration of a research institution, such as CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), which implements the BioPaSOS project, which helps to develop and promote sustainable practices in the production systems of the Villa Corzo territory.

Rincón and Quiroga mentioned that there is interest in collaborating with the BioPaSOS project, with the aim of strengthening the capacities of the municipality's technicians in issues related to sustainable livestock and watershed management, among others; as well as working on proposals that contribute to the promotion of sustainable practices that promote the integral development of the watershed.

In this sense, Martínez commented that for Villa Corzo it is a priority to work at the level of hydrographic basins, in this sense, he mentioned that the city council is interested in strengthening the Basin Committee and that they are interested in CATIE, through the BioPaSOS project, being part of this committee and contributing to the design of sustainable strategies for the management of the basin.

Finally, Jiménez and  the staff of the Town Hall of Villa Corzo concluded that to begin the joint work will proceed to sign an agreement between the two institutions. In addition, the BioPaSOS project will be invited to the next meeting of the Basin Committee and its incorporation will be proposed.


More information:

José Antonio Jiménez
Local Coordinator
Biodiversity and Sustainable Agrosilvopastoral Landscapes (BioPaSOS)
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Written by:

Karla Salazar Leiva
Information Technology and Commmunication
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