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Central America will have a platform for forestry businesses

June 27, 2019. Recently, within the framework of the Annual Meeting of Partners of the 20x20 Initiative, the project Secondary Forests of the Program on Forests, Biodiversity and Climate Change of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), presented an innovative platform called Activa Business Lab, which seeks to be a laboratory for the development of forest businesses in Central America.

"The idea is that Activa facilitates the generation of new forest business options, related to restoration, sustainable forest management and climate-smart agriculture, where the tree component plays an important role in the provision of ecosystem services, as well as in the productive activity of the farm," said Jean Pierre Morales, leader of the Secondary Forests project.

Morales explained that the initiative was born as a strategy to bring together different actors of the business ecosystem in rural areas, as well as seek to close the gap that exists between investors and people in rural areas of Central America.

The official launch of Activa will take place within the next few weeks and its official site will be http://activa.catie.ac.cr.

On the other hand, during the Annual Meeting of the 20x20 Initiative Partners, the Secondary Forests project also shared a space with technical partners, members of the government (mainly from the environmental sector) and investment funds, where the various actions and advances in the restoration agenda made by the countries were discussed.

The 20x20 Initiative meeting was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 18-19, CATIE as its founding partner was present.

This initiative, formed in 2014, has already restored 20 million acres of degraded land, so now the parties will work to make Latin America and the Caribbean a carbon-neutral region by 2050, using restoration as a key approach to benefit economies, people and landscapes.


Jean Pierre Morales, leader of CATIE's Secondary Forests project, presenting the
Activa Business Lab platform.


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