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New professionals are committed to transforming conventional agribusinesses into sustainable ones

  • Promotion 2021 of CATIE's Agribusiness and Sustainable Markets Management Master's Program successfully started

July 19, 2021. After a week of induction, on July 5, the third graduating class of the Master's Degree in Agribusiness Management and Sustainable Markets of CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) successfully began their studies. This is a group of professionals from 12 countries in the Americas and Asia, who are committed to generating changes to transform conventional agribusinesses into sustainable ones.

According to Adriana Escobedo, academic coordinator of the master's program, the 2021 call for applications was a challenging process, as there is still great uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this is holding back many professionals who wish to continue with their postgraduate education goals.

"Many of the students have mentioned that they have chosen CATIE as their home of studies because of the prestige and history of the Graduate School and the innovative approach of the master's degree curriculum. Here I highlight our value proposition: to provide knowledge and tools so that professionals can manage agribusinesses in such a way that they are profitable and at the same time use natural resources responsibly and promote economic and social development with a direct connection to markets of high socio-environmental value," Escobedo explained.

The 2021-2022 graduating class of the Master's program is made up of 49 professionals (39% women) from 12 countries in the Americas and Asia. They range in age from 24 to 58 years old, with a combination of professions linked especially to agriculture and occupying positions such as specialists, teachers or managers in private companies, NGOs, educational centers and different state entities in their countries.

"Undoubtedly, this group has a very interesting profile that will allow them not only to share experiences from many countries, but also to expand their professional networks. And why not, they could even develop business alliances among themselves, since many of them share the same productive sector in different geographical areas," Escobedo commented.

In addition, it should be noted that the Graduate School will promote interaction with the first two graduating classes of the Master's program as part of the added value provided by the international environment offered by CATIE.

"What we seek is to challenge professionals working in or with agribusiness to rethink and innovate the management models that have been promoted so far, but which unfortunately continue to produce results that fall short of the historical challenges and those of our current reality. In this master's program we want to find professionals who are genuinely committed to agribusiness development and who are capable of not only generating profits, but also of being drivers of development from the community to the global level," Escobedo added.

The next graduating class of the master's program will begin in July 2022. From this moment on, those who are interested can make the admission process on the platform: http://apps.catie.ac.cr/admisionmv/login and be aware of CATIE's social networks, as free spaces will be generated to share current issues in the field of sustainable agribusiness and other topics.


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