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Costa Rica consolidates its position as an educational destination per excellence

  • With the help of CATIE and Verto Education, the country will receive hundreds of U.S. students to live an academic journey, where they can learn through transformative experiences.

July 22nd, 2021. Starting in September, CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), located in Turrialba, Costa Rica, will open its doors to receive on its campus, under strict bio-security protocols, hundreds of American students enrolled in the Verto Education program, who will come to the country for an academic trip that will allow them to broaden their knowledge and live transforming experiences during their first year of university, in a campus surrounded by nature and with a wide cultural diversity.

"Verto Education believes that through transformative experiences students discover the world around them and become impactful leaders and global citizens, which aligns with CATIE's vision as an international university that has been characterized by graduating leaders of change, with a focus on gender equity and in a multicultural environment. It is in this sense that we have decided to partner and work together," said Muhammad Ibrahim, CATIE's Director General.

Ibrahim explained that the initiative seeks to strengthen CATIE, and Costa Rica, as an educational destination par excellence, thanks to its diversity, the peaceful environment in which it lives and the quality of the education it provides, on a campus surrounded by biodiversity.

"Involving more than 300 university students from North America in our university will allow us to broaden CATIE's academic impact. These young people will be the professionals of the future and after the experience they will learn more about the world around them and the importance of conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. Likewise, the Verto and CATIE student community will benefit as valuable spaces for cultural and academic exchange will be generated to enrich each other's learning processes. The faculty of both organizations will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences, methodologies, information and knowledge," said Carlos Araya, coordinator of CATIE's Business Development Office and leader of the project.

Verto Education students during a study session

On the other hand, it is expected that the initiative will have a positive impact on the local economy of Turrialba and the country, which has been affected globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be a high flow of people reactivating the demand for products and services in stores and getting to know the culture of the country.

Both Verto Education and CATIE are being strictly rigorous in complying with the health protocols dictated by the Costa Rican Ministry of Health to avoid COVID-19 infection. "100% of Verto Education students, professors and staff will come with the complete vaccination schedule against COVID-19 and we have been coordinating with the CATIE Emergency Committee and the Regional Headquarters of the Ministry of Health for more than two months all aspects related to health protocols", emphasized CATIE's General Director. 


About VertoEducation 

Verto Education is a U.S.-based social enterprise dedicated to providing the first year of college outside the United States. It has agreements with 64 universities and colleges in the United States, which recognize students for that first year, meaning that students who gain admission to Verto are guaranteed admission to the program's partner universities.

Verto is designed to give students the opportunity to explore new environments while graduating in four years in an affordable manner. Each semester's programming is intentionally focused on global citizenship and personal development to help students develop valuable college and life skills.

The contract signed between CATIE and Verto Education covers the fall 2021 semester and the spring 2022 semester.


Verto Education students at sunset in Turrialba (photo taken before
the pandemic).



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