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GEOCATIE present for the second consecutive year at the Esri-Geotechnologies 2021 regional users' event

  • This opportunity provided an opportunity to showcase CATIE's progress in the scientific development of agriculture, biodiversity, climate action, ecosystem services, innovation and technological trends.

September 10, 2021. “Reimagina-Reinventa("Reimagine-Reinvent") was the concept presented by GEOCATIE on Wednesday, September 8th during the Regional Meeting of Users of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), in which the institution's scientific advances in innovation and technological trends applied in the different thematic units of CATIE were shown.

The conference brings together the community of professional and collaborative users from diverse and forward-thinking areas of knowledge to share innovative practices and learn about the latest geospatial technologies, with the goal of generating significant changes that help improve today's world through GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies.

The geospatial information platform GEOCATIE, led by CATIE's Climate Action Unit, participated in this renowned space thanks to its experience in the implementation of geospatial tools, technologies and cutting-edge innovation applied to national and regional projects and initiatives.

"GEOCATIE is an information platform with transformative solutions that aims to develop an intelligent digital ecosystem with innovation structures and geospatial process control that connects people, data and technology internationally, offering geo-services in real time," said Grettel Vargas, Project Manager of GEOCATIE.

"The platform responds to next-generation technology challenges with certified security and interoperability standards, ready-to-use geographic content, high-performance architectures and cloud computing, as well as scalable design and offering solutions that advance R&D and state-of-the-art technology," Vargas added.

Among the technological trends that GEOCATIE incorporates in its work processes are: machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, cloud solutions, among others. All these solutions are an essential part of the scientific-technical work that CATIE shares with the entire community of users, partners, students, collaborators, public and private institutions throughout the region.

Vargas commented that GEOCATIE is complemented by new cloud technologies and takes advantage of its computational power with platforms such as Google Earth Engine and GeoMicrosoftPlanetaryComputer, repositories of planetary-scale images that enable global problems to be addressed and access to satellite tools ecosystems and their services, to generate information on atmospheric, marine, land, climate change, security and emergency surveillance.

Some success stories and initiatives hosted on the GEOCATIE platform are the following:


In the following link you can see the complete presentation made by GEOCATIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1geyvCpBhk


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MSc.Grettel VargasAzofeifa
Project Manager GEOCATIE
Specialist in Geomatics, Big Data and Remote Sensing
Ecosystem Modeling Laboratory
Climate Action Unit