Throughout more than 70 years our classrooms have seen hundreds of students pass by. We are witnessing the generational change and some of our faculty have even had the opportunity to share their knowledge with parents and children. This, without a doubt, is an excellent reference of the quality of our Graduate School.

We are constantly setting the course for the future and those who are responsible for taking our experience, our knowledge and our message around the world are our graduates. Recent studies indicate that 90% of those who graduate replicate the knowledge and skills acquired at CATIE in their professional work. From our classrooms and teaching-learning scenarios, the student body takes the journey to the future loaded with projects, knowledge, and a high social commitment. The results of various surveys show that CATIE graduates are contributing significantly to the development of their countries.

Around 90% consider that they have made efforts to generate greater human well-being and almost 60% have participated in efforts to influence policies; whilst 72% of those who graduated hold or have held leadership positions and more than 95% would recommend CATIE as a university for their postgraduate training. CATIE graduates stay in contact with the institution and enjoy the special benefits it offers. An interaction mechanism is the Association of CATIE and IICA Graduates (AGCATIE), whose board of directors is made up of graduates from various countries around the world.

In addition, there are associations of CATIE graduates in many of the countries of origin of the student body. At least 80% of those who have graduated keep in touch with their classmates.


  • Enrollment fee and free instruction in one training course per year and additional courses with 25% discounts.
  • Free access to the electronic versions of CATIE magazines and a 10% discount on the printed editions.
  • Access to the collection of the Orton Commemorative Library, support in bibliographic searches and free consultation in local and international databases in situ and electronically. in situ y vía electrónica.
  • Inclusion in the job market, possibility of consulting and teaching courses.
  • Sending information on job offers and news from graduate associations.
  • Free email account.
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