Courses and chairs

Through our Climate Change and Watersheds Program, we offer a faculty chair and several training courses on the subject of climate change.

This chair is originated with the idea of promote the development and use of analytical tools and methodologies (that support the integration of different areas of knowledge) that can accompany stakeholder decision-making processes on the management of resources in a territory, taking into account the possible combined effects of climate change and trends in development that may increase pressure on natural resources.

These tools have been applied mainly to the issue of soil degradation in agricultural systems, territorial land use planning, and water and forest resources in territories of Latin America.

The chair has designed and implemented research projects financed from various sources, including the European Union, ClimateWorks Foundation, the Ministry of Environment of Germany (BMU), the British Embassy in Costa Rica, the World Bank, NORAD and IUCN-DANIDA. These projects were developed through partnerships with several universities and research centers of Latin America, Canada, United States and Europe.

To learn more about this chair, its projects and the services offered, find more information at The Latin American Chair on Environmental Decisions for Global Change (CLADA) or contact Raffaele Vignola at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Climate Change and Watersheds Program offers other educational courses and masters from the institution, strengthening its climate change components. Some of these courses are: 

In 2015 we hope to begin offering a diploma program on MRV for REDD+ and a masters on climate change.