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Courses and Technical Diploma Programs

At CATIE we prepare leaders and, from the educational plane, we provide solutions for a complex world in constant change. For this, our Training Program’s objective is to provide access to current topics that will help address the needs of the communities and the countries.

How do we meet this objective? For this year, CATIE’s Training Program will have short courses, strategic courses, virtual courses and diploma programs. For more information, download the following file:

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Cooperative Study Abroad Program

CATIE invites groups from universities worldwide to participate in its exciting Cooperative Study Abroad Program (CSAP) based in Costa Rica. A growing number of well-known North American and European universities have discovered that this program offers their students the type of international experience they seek.

Located in the beautiful Turrialba Valley, CATIE provides participants in CSAP an invaluable perspective on sustainability and an understanding of the critical economic, social and environmental challenges facing rural people seeking to apply environmentally sound management of natural resources and agricultural systems.

For further information please download the following document:

Financing, scholarships and more

The cost of Training Program activities must be borne by each participant, either personally or by obtaining a scholarship or financial support from some institution or organization on your own.
In order to support the preparation of human capital, CATIE has full and partial scholarships and an education loan financing system.

Full scholarship

A full scholarship covers the entire cost of the course or diploma program for the participant, including tuition and accommodation costs.

Partial scholarship

A partial scholarship covers the costs of teaching and the participant must pay the costs of room and board, healthy insurance, airport transportation San José – CATIE – San Jose airport, air fare, visa and airport tax costs.

In cases of self-financing, the participant covers the entire cost of the course or diploma program, depositing the corresponding amount in advance or upon arrival at CATIE.

Educational loans

This is a new modality that CATIE now offers its students.

Forms of payment

Participants can pay for the cost of their courses in cash or by check or bank deposit to the account: CATIE/POSTGRADO #20-8003-4358 at Bank of America, 730 15th Street NW, 7th floor, Washington, D.C. 20005-1012, USA (ABA-RUTTI 054001204) (SWIFT: BOFA US3N).

This information is only available in spanish.