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Sustainable Tropical Livestock Production

Leadership in the development of grazing systems and crossbreeding for features that allow tropical dairy cattle to adapt to tropical climates, complemented by a dairy that uses energy produced from dairy cow waste and clean energy sources like the sun in the processes of milking and the preservation of the milk, consolidate a model with a climate-smart territorial approach.

The capture of rainwater in storage tanks, the channeling of liquid wastes into a biodigester that converts methane into carbon dioxide, and the production of organic fertilizer from solid wastes using living fence systems reduces greenhouse gas emissions, water use and pollution of water sources, while increasing biodiversity and resource availability and allowing the passage of species between protected areas.

Closely observing the production processes of our dairy lets you learn about an alternative to traditional forms of livestock production, which in addition to promoting environmental conservation and increasing production pursues the welfare of farm workers and animals.


Livestock production is the second highest generator of greenhouse gases, second only to the automotive industry. The climate-smart territorial approach contributes to the mitigation of global warming, produces more suitable and less stressed animals and a cleaner environment, while reducing genetic erosion in species of protected areas by serving as an area for passage between them.

Approximate duration 2 hours.

This information is only available in spanish.

Products and Services 

CATIE offers numerous products and services with entrepreneurial vision, high quality and added value based on research and commitments to responsible production.

The use of our products and services helps strengthen productive options that reconcile environmental conservation with human development.

CATIE International Club

A unique place, an ideal environment!

The CATIE International Club is on the CATIE campus, four kilometers from the center of Turrialba on the road to Limón and only an hour and a half from San José, the capital of Costa Rica.

Surrounded by a lush landscape, visitors enjoy fresh air and the peaceful sound of birds that take refuge by CATIE’s lake and areas near the club. The club offers special food, beverage and recreation services whose objectives are geared to the better wellbeing and comfort of CATIE’s students as well as the many national and foreign visitors and members who choose to visit the Club on the CATIE Campus.

Visitors can enjoy swimming pools for adults and children, the tennis court, billiard game room, ping-pong tables, barbecue areas, ample parking and security.


Areas for Special Events for you to have elegant and distinguished family, business or institutional events:

  1. One hall for up to 120 people
  2. One hall for 45 people (can be joined to the large hall)
  3. A covered outdoor area for up to 80 people
  4. A roofed area at the pool for 40 people
  5. An Outdoor area for up to 60 people

Comfortable and spacious venues for holding business meetings, courses, training events, birthday parties, graduations, weddings, dances, etc., with full sound and video support. Catering service is also available for your event in CATIE’s many facilities with national and international menus that satisfy the most demanding tastes.


Pool and games area

This area features two outdoor pools, one exclusively for children; separate dressing rooms, large open spaces for sunbathing, food and beverage service and children’s play area.


Tennis court

For those who play tennis, there is a court for your use with reservations made in advance.

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