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BSF Personnel

Francisco Mesén Sequeira, Ph.D., Head of BSF

Luis Diego Jiménez, M.Sc., Operation Manager

Luisa García Serrano, Sales Executive, Secretary


Support staff:

Marvin Hernández

Gustavo Zamora

Martin Brenes

Maite Chaves Sojo

Adrián Gómez

Marco Pérez

José Villanueva, Finca XA

Marco Román, Finca XA

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CATIE 7170

Cartago, Turrialba 30501

Costa Rica

Central Headquarters

Tel: (506) 2558 2025, Fax: (506) 2558 2052

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Authorized distributors

Agrinet S.A
El Semillero
Westroad Development Ltd.

Our products


The BSF maintains a seed stock 40-50 forest species, selected for their importance in ecological restoration programs, ornamentation and commercial reforestation. Internally we maintain strict quality control to ensure the physical quality of our seeds. Teak and melina species are also certified by the Government of Costa Rica’s National Seed Office.

Our seeds have been used successfully by reforesters and independent companies as well as government reforestation programs in several countries of tropical America, Asia and Africa.

Annually we distribute 15 to 20 tons of seeds to more than 15 countries worldwide, with CATIE’s backing and guarantee.

Technical advice

Attached to each delivery of seeds is technical information regarding the proper handling of the seeds, production in the nursery and the establishment of plantations. Our specialists can also advise you to ensure the success of your project, by telephone, in writing, or by visiting your project.


The BSF provides training for groups of producers, technicians and professionals in the places and countries where requested, usually through short courses of three to four days, on topics such as the establishment and management of sources of improved seed production, nursery management and silviculture.

Coffee clones

The BSF also produces coffee clones from F1 hybrids, which were developed by CATIE, CIRAD and PROMECAFE in the 90's and have been evaluated in Central America for more than 15 years. The plants are produced from small rooted cuttings, and are delivered in trays for their final development in the nursery.