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In CATIE’s National Technical Office in Bolivia we are known for the generation of knowledge that translates into innovative tools for sharing with the national and international community. These are two of our areas in the field of projects and innovation.

  • Climate Change and Watersheds Program (CCC). The main in-country goal of the program is to promote the administration, planning and integrated management of watersheds to address climate change. Essentially it gives rise to operational programs with a strategic methodological richness based on the capacities and experiences of CATIE’s Bolivia NTO so that they lead to training processes, effective socio-economic-environmental sustainable development processes in watersheds, and the generation of integral research to develop instruments and tools in order to disseminate technology that is appropriate for the country’s situation.
  • Agroforestry and Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP). The main in-country goal of the program is to facilitate and promote productive economic development for rural family households in tropical areas and inter-Andean valleys through sustainable agriculture with an agro-ecological approach, using efficient and sustainable resource management. Based on this, the territories are expected to achieve food security and sovereignty, improving living conditions in areas less vulnerable to climate change through a climate smart approach.