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What we do

This is what we do in Dominican Republic NTO :

Projects: As part of the USAID Regional Program on Climate Change Actions occur in the country aimed at the adaptation to the effects of anthropogenic global warming phenomenon . Adaptation to climate change refers to adjustment in natural or human systems comorespuesta to actual or expected climatic stimuli or susefectos , which moderates harm or exploits aspectosbeneficiosos .

These actions are carried out in close coordination with the Office of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Council on Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism , among others.

Training: The office promotes and manages the training of human resources with the support of CATIE. For this specific agreements that have provided training Dominican master's level courses and specialized professionals are signed. Trained staff has successfully inserted in the labor market , thereby contributing to national development .

Who are we

The Liaison Office in Dominican Republic is an institutional CATIE´s body, whose main function is to be an operational link between the actions of Headquarters and the daily work in the country according to national needs and priorities in the areas of agriculture, natural resources , conservation of the environment and the improvement of human welfare of families and rural producers.

The office works towards the establishment and operation of joint work by forming alliances with key partners to governmental and non-governmental level.

Products and services

The Dominican Republic NTO has a wide range of actions. Here are some of our products and services.

  • Train, with headquarters staff of CATIE, officials and members of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP).

  • Consultancies that have led to improvements in the capabilities of off areas such as national monitoring of threatened species and ecosystems; measuring management effectiveness of protected areas and the processing and interpretation of satellite images.

  • The office disseminates national competent authorities in products based investigations, such as the Central American Cacao Project results and Books Cacao Clones for Commercial plantings.

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