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CATIE Socializes Studies on Enabling Conditions and Barriers to Sustainable and Legal Management of Secondary Forests in Honduras

  • The studies were prepared by the Secondary Forests project with the aim of influencing the incorporation of these forests as a differentiated ecosystem within policies so that their management becomes profitable.

Technology Packages Delivered to Promote Sustainable Livestock in Chiapas

  • The packages will be used by cattle producers in Chiapas, Mexico, to implement silvo-pastoral systems and good cattle practices on their ranches.

CATIE met with Korea Forest Service in Costa Rica

  • The meeting took place at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, in San José.

CATIE and the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in Belize agree to work together

  • Both institutions sign a letter of understanding to develop and promote strategies for adaptation and/or mitigation to climate change.

CATIE and 1890 Universities Foundation will work together on academic exchange

  • Both institutions signed a cooperation agreement to improve academic and research exchange.