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Work Approach

The topic of water is critical to human development, and the watershed is the fundamental unit for its conservation, use and management. To deal with the negative effects of climate change and achieve improved food security and rural development, the quality, availability and accessibility of water resources is required; consequently, the challenges for contributing to improved quality of life for our populations largely depend on the sound management of watersheds and their water resources. We focus our work on the following lines and sub lines of research:

I. Administration and integrated management of natural resources in watersheds

• Territorial planning in watersheds

• Territorial management of watersheds

• Economy and cost-effectiveness in watershed management

• Best practices in watershed management and conservation

• Hydro-meteorological risks in watersheds


II. Hydrology of surface and ground waters and coastal-marine areas

• Analysis and management of surface and ground water resources

• Analysis and management of coastal-marine area water resources

• Water security

• Resilience and provision of ecosystem water resources

• Water footprint