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Through our work in the field of forests, we contribute to territorial land management and the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Latin America, so that the region and rural populations in particular can benefit from the myriad goods and services offered by these green areas.

From CATIE we develop this work through the Production and Conservation in Forests program that uses the generation of scientific knowledge, graduate education and outreach to address the forestry needs of the region’s countries in order to improve human welfare.

With our work in forests we have had an impact on hundreds of thousands of people in Latin America. And by developing integrated research at different levels, we have managed to make a decisive contribution in the region on the matters of protected areas, biological corridors and sustainable forest management.

Some of our accomplishments in the field of forests are:

  • More than 12,500 people trained in the conservation and sustainable management of forests.
  • 360 agents of change with master’s degrees in Forest Management and Conservation and nine leaders with doctorates.
  • Consolidation of long-term research networks on changes in forests and their ecosystem services.

At CATIE, forestry is supported by a wide range of donors, including cooperation from the governments of Canada, South Korea, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Spain and the United States.