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Projects in the Thematic Area of Food Security


Proyecto MAP Noruega (Mesoamerican Agro-Environmental Program)


Food security; Agroecological production; Governance and participatory decision-making



   - Matagalpa (Matiguas, Muy Muy, San Ramón, El Tuma-La Dalia, Rancho Grande)

   - RAAN (Waslala)

   - Jinotega (Jinotega, El Cuá)

Period Active



Using the premise of landscape-level planning (Climate Intelligent Territories - CIT) Project MAP is working toward climate change adaptation in social, ecological and economic aspects. This work is achieved using field schools, information events, capacity building and meetings.

Principal Activities

1) Improving equality, food and nutritional security for at least 5000 rural families.


2) Increase and diversify production while conserving natural resources and ecosystems using agroecological as well as agroforestry innovations in the production systems of at least 5000 farms.


3) Increase the general governance capabilities of 30 commercial producer operations.


4) Stimulate at least 6 territorial co-management platforms respecting issues associated with climate change (adaptation, mitigation, vulnerability, reducing deforestation and forest degradation) while achieving food and nutritional security, watershed protection and sustainable energy resources in the region.


5) Disseminate the key territory (KT) model and its application by other families and territories via postgraduate education, capacity-building courses and other projects managed by CATIE, including its partners within Mesoamerica and internationally.




The Royal Embassy of Norway

More Information

Amílcar Aguilar Carrillo – Coordinator – Key Territory Nicacentral, based in Nicaragua (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Dra. Leida Mercado – Project Lead, located at CATIE, Costa Rica (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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