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The National Office offers a complete range of services for rural and environmental development, delivered by a network of professionals with years of experience in Nicaragua.

CATIE joins in celebrating the importance of the environment during the XIII National Festival of the Earth

6 June 2014

Managua, Nicaragua



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The boardwalk area of Managua transformed this 5 and 6 of June into a sea of tents visited by youth curious about the environment during the celebration of the XIII National Festival of the Earth. The festival is the largest of its kind celebrating the environment in Nicaragua. On the main stage, celebrations were underway to recognize the International Day of the Environment with speeches, dialogues and presentations by the National Guard and elementary school students.


CATIE Nicaragua presented its own knowledge and experience with a stand where educational material was quickly snapped up by visitors. IICA shared the space and provided brewed coffee, creating a location filled with the delicious odor of coffee producers’ best work. Other tables presented information on topics such as protected areas, crafts made of re-purposed material and alternative irrigation systems.


The National Festival of the Earth was initiated and continues to be organized by the Young Environmentalist organization. Beginning in 1996 with festivals dedicated to nature, cultural contests and sports events in honor of the Internal Day of the Environment, the Festival evolved into a major annual event. This year some 3500 visitors are expected to pass through the gates.