National Office

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CATIE Nicaragua’s principal objective is to serve as a platform for the organization within the country in order to promote and provide our range of products and services to partners and public. We are experts in consultation services, research and education.


Project management

   - Monitoring and evaluation

   - Goods and services value assessment

   - Geographic information systems (GIS)



Extension training

   - Field school courses

   - Capacity building material development

   - Participatory process design




   - Technical advisory services

   - Production systems evaluation




   - Development of technical courses for government, organizations and corporations

   - Thesis advisory – undergraduate and postgraduate




   - Roundtable participation

   - Thematic forums

   - Expert opinions for media

   - Conference speakers



Data Source

   - Information library (Managua, Nicaragua)

   - Book and publication sales



Vegetative Material Source

   - Purchase facilitation of graded and certified vegetative material (cocoa, coffee, musaceas, vegetable and cucurbits, forest species, tropical flower and fruit source material)