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Who are we?


A founding country of CATIE, since 1978 we have been the main link between headquarters in Costa Rica and services on the ground. We operate in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture. From our National Office we share information, supervise work, assure project financial accountability and offer up-to-date understanding of activities in the country to ensure CATIE remains responsive. We also offer a range of services for project design and management that draw on the expertise of CATIE.



The National Office is managed by a country representative with a technical and administrative team. We serve as a key link between CATIE and Nicaraguan research institutions, government and national actors. Our activities include collaborating on initiatives and identifying opportunities for further cooperation, in conjunction with the Opportunity Management Unit at Turrialba, Costa Rica.


Mission: CATIE Nicaragua is an organization dedicated to higher education and research that together with key actors in the rural sector generates and disseminates technological and methodological innovations towards sustainable human development.

Vision: CATIE Nicaragua lives and shares with its partners the promise of managing knowledge for the sustainable and equitable human development.

Country representative:

Estela Cleotilde Alemán

Representative, CATIE Nicaragua