Joint Doctoral Program (JDP)


The Joint Doctoral Program between the University of Idaho and CATIE (JDP) has been an extraordinarily successful international partnership since its inception in 2001. It provides an extraordinary opportunity for PhD students interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research focused on sustainability of forestry, agriculture and the health of rural communities in the American Tropics.

CATIE is an international institution located in Turrialba, Costa Rica which areas of expertise include tropical agriculture, agroforestry, ecology, forest ecology, conservation biology, biodiversity assessment and conservation, watershed sciences, rural sociology, policy, social impact assessment, and environmental economics. The UI and CATIE JDP differs from traditional doctoral programs at UI, as graduate students enrolled in the JDP will have to complete a graduate program that includes multi-institutional course work conducted both at UI and CATIE; additionally, JDP students must assemble a dual-institution graduate committee. Because of the dual-institution arrangement, graduate students enrolled in the JDP will gain cross-cultural experience and geographic exposure to enhance their international perspective, and will received a doctorate diploma supported by both institutions.

The JDP has a long history of working under an interdisciplinary research focus, which provides with opportunities for both UI faculty and students interested in areas beyond their discipline. We are currently working on ideas to strengthen the JDP and actively seeking for funding opportunities that can fund a new cohort of JDP PhD students. Funding opportunities are unique compared to other UI programs since students enrolled in the JDP can be based in either USA or Costa Rica.