Workshop on “Mechanisms and Networks for Technology Transfer in Climate Change for the Forestry Sector

On September 29 and 30, the first workshop on “Mechanisms and Networks for Technology Transfer in Climate Change for the Forestry Sector” was held at the Hotel Crown Plaza Corobicí, in San José, Costa Rica.

Twenty-six people representing 15 countries in the region participated in this workshop. Participants came from diverse international organizations and government institutions that included the National Entities Designated by the Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN) in Paraguay, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru.

Workshop objetives

The main purpose of the workshop was to present the project, its activities, proposals and implementation modalities.

During the workshop, existing experiences at the regional level were also shared that could serve as a basis for discussions to generate synergies, as well as an interchange of lessons about the current use of different technogies for forest monitoring in the region.

Additionally, input from participants from the different countries was obtained to initiate the process of prioritization for implementation of project activities, and initiatives in the region were identified to highlight opportunities for collaboration and integration of actions in this area.

This report represents a summary of the sythesis of principal topics prestend, discussions and possible aspects for follow-up. The presentations can be downloaded at the following online link:

To obtain a digital copy of the minutes of the event, which include the agenda, summaries of presentations and list of participants, go to

To access the presentations of the participants:

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