Acciones de CATIE De la mano del CATIE y Verto Education, el país recibirá cientos de estudiantes estadounidenses para vivir un viaje académico, en el que podrán aprender a través de experiencias transformadoras. With the help of CATIE and Verto Education, the country will receive hundreds of U.S. students to live an academic journey, where they can learn through transformative experiences. Promotion 2021 of CATIE's Agribusiness and Sustainable Markets Management Master's Program successfully started Fourteen institutions of the Honduran livestock sector signed the act of integration of the platform, a governance body to promote sustainable livestock farming in the country. This is CATIE's International Coffee Collection, located in Costa Rica, which has the support of companies in the coffee industry to be preserved and used to improve world coffee growing. A new cooperation agreement between CATIE and NIFoS will be coordinated by Roger Madrigal, director of EfD Central America, and will strengthen the research alliance initiated in 2011 between the two institutions.

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